Chapter 7: Friends and Faith

Chapter 7 shares lessons learned about the uplifting power of compassion and love… From the love of the Almighty to the earthly love of friends and family.

Many, many times, our circle of steadfast family and friends uplifted us. Whether facing troubles of their own or enjoying well earned, happy lives, our extended community set aside time to think of and care for us. Soothing our hearts with tenderness and affection.

After about a month of witnessing Rick’s suffering in the ICU, it became too much for me.  We knew he was enduring this suffering to stay with us. One night, for the first time since I was a little girl, brokenhearted and overcome with sorrow, I got on my knees in prayer to the Almighty.  In complete submission I laid everything at His feet and asked for forgiveness, for mercy, help and strength to care for my husband. 

We all may experience such an intimate moment, when only one’s faith can conquer an overwhelming sense of dread.

After that prayer, God’s presence was felt all around us… His grace in the ordinary, the quiet, the extra effort.  Help and love displayed with perfect timing. 

That night I felt the power of the Almighty to calm the storm, to turn back the darkness, His protection, love, and forgiveness. 

Not saying your journey will be the same as mine… but I learned my lesson.  We are not alone amid chaos and pain because the Almighty is always present, one has only to reach out to Him.